Clients Say…

We are HONORED and GRATEFUL to have Many Millionaire Entrepreneur Clients and Celebrities who are now Dominating Their Space in the Market. If you have a GREAT business and know what you want to achieve, hit us up and well get you there STAT.

Featured On - Reuters, Teh Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC


“Your Packaging is as important as your content. I had a bad ass product and program suite (content) to offer the marketplace but lacked a Brand that would express my exactly how Bad Ass I actually was. In the first 30 days after changing my brand led by Kenneth’s vision I was able to sell $207,000 of my programs. I attribute a large piece of that success to Kenneth’s work branding and design work in packaging! ME.”

– Garrett J. White

“OMG, You are the SHIT. Seriously BADASS!!”

– Angelike Norrie

“I have never been one to believe that design had an impact on revenue. I mean, I wasn’t “anti-design” at all…but just thought it was a cool thing to have when I could afford it.

Well, all that changed after I posted Kenneth’s banner on my Facebook page and profile. Friend requests and Like’s went up more than double instantly, and have held for weeks.

But the icing on the cake…I signed up a client the next day that said the banner is what finally pushed him over the edge to contact me.

So, I basically got a 600% ROI in the first 24 hours…from just 1 client.

My big lesson…a “design” still has no impact on revenue..but a quality “branding” can change the game.

If you are apprehensive, don’t be. If you are on the fence, just do it.”

– Brian Horn

“Kenneth, without a doubt, has a sixth sense. I thought I had an idea of what I wanted but after talking with Kenneth for few minutes I knew it was best to just let him do his thing. Step back and watch him turn straw into gold. The man is flat out gifted”

– Jack Mize

Your Branding Helped me make over $300K

– Kristin Thomson

“I have to say that you are a frigging genius at branding. But, it’s really more than that. You are able to see into people’s value and highest contribution in the world and get that to translate into an image….
an image that – for me – has completely changed the way people perceive me in the marketplace.
Can’t wait for the next amazing installment.”

– Jason Myers

“I wasn’t going to look as i wanted to wait until it was finished…but i couldn’t help it 🙂

Holy mother of god that looks fucking epic my friend!

Yes, definitely in the right direction :-)”

– Chris Greenwood

“My income has TRIPLED since I put your branding in place!”

– Jason Horning

“It has been a true honour to work with such a man of his craft like Kenneth, his attention to DETAIL and willingness to do nothing but the best is amazing. He turned my vision into reality. And as a result my social media presences has SKY rocketed, I’m attracting my ideal high paying clients and its easier than ever before! I am now working with Kenneth regularly because of the DIRECT result of his FAMOUS branding.”

– Jack Murray

“Since hiring Kenneth to re-brand me, my engagement levels on social media and my blog have skyrocketed my sales.”

– Ryan Stewman

“I am AMAZED at how much MY VISION for my purpose, mission, and impact through my business is expanding in response to YOUR BRANDING DESIGN! What an unexpected phenomena. EVERY fucking entrepreneur who is serious about their mission and business needs to make an investment in branding design with you – not only because it effects the marketplace being served, but also because it effects the entrepreneur – future we see and how we live into it. You sir, are a fucking HERO and I bow to you in respect with palms pressed together at my brow.”

– Jason Moore

Your brand is your worth…it’s everything. There is only one man worthy to present it. That man is Kenneth Pugmire!”

– Doug Clark